Atmail 6.20.4 now available

With each passing day, the Atmail software gets better. And today, we are excited to announce the latest version of Atmail: 6.20.4.

A full changelog is available online which lists all changes and improvements in this iteration. You can also test-drive the new version online.

Whats new?

  • Exim 4.69 buffer-overflow bug resolved. We strongly encourage users to apply this update as it features critical security updates.
  • ClamAV upgraded to 0.96.5.
  • Optimized and highly improved autocomplete in the Webmail UI. Supports groups, large data-sets, profile pictures, global/shared/personal contacts and more.
  • Improved contact pane which lists user photos. ‘Star‘ your contacts for added visibility.
  • New “Favorites” contact view. This view lists the people you contact frequently, or users ‘starred‘ in the address book.
  • New “Remembered” contact view. This feature automatically adds emailed contacts to a new group.
  • Added new log-purge script for performance via the system crontab.
  • Over 40+ improvements and bug-fixes. Read the full changelog for more details.

We recommend that all current Atmail users upgrade to the new Atmail 6.20.4. Follow these steps to update your install in under 5 minutes. Questions? Contact us via our web-form


CMcB -

Will the APS pakage for Plesk be updated too? Or is there an alternative upgrade process to follow?

Aaron -

Love the new contact and autocomplete updates, well done Atmail! Each update the software gets better and better.