Atmail’s transparent development pledge

As part of Atmail’s transparent development pledge, we’ve opened up our JIRA system so that clients can report bugs, suggested improvements and feature requests. If your an existing client, you can login and see progress to issues and what our development team are working on in realtime.

Atmail JIRA
As a client you will be able to specify whether other users can comment on, vote for and watch your issue (so that developers can see what the majority of users most want done) or whether it’s private and only you and the Atmail team can see it.

We hope this will help requests to be better managed (as they won’t get lost in the support system) and also allow customers to see what progress is being made on various issues and new feature development.

To get started login to the Atmail portal with your existing ClientID and password, note you must have an active support subscription for access. Next, click the “Issue Tracking (JIRA)” link on the sidebar to login to JIRA with your existing ClientID/Password. Thanks to our friends at Atlassian software for providing JIRA!


Benjamin -

Not a customer so I can’t view it :) But having an open bug system is really nice. Being able to follow bugs and search for known ones is a great asset, and really shows you care.


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