The State of Atmail

“Oh, what a year,” says one of our devs. “Check this out.”

He points at our massive whiteboard, peppered with feature requests and to-do lists. Many of the items are crossed out with red ink, marked as done. A few lay untouched. There is much to do, but much more has been done.

A year ago, the board was an overflowing mess of wishlists, filled with things we wanted to do, things we wanted to accomplish. Things we wanted Atmail to be. The magnitude of the task was enough to plant little seeds of doubt. Could we do this, I thought. Could we really pull it off?

And now here we are. Our dev guy flashes a cheesy grin under his thick, curly head of hair as he crosses out yet another item. Just a few more left to go.

One thing rings true however: Atmail is a very different product from what it was a year ago.

What you can do now:

Protect your email users with Global Blacklists and Whitelists. Define users, hosts, or servers that you want to block or allow. Ban known spammers for every user on your system, and shield your Atmail server from spam, scams, and viruses.

Stay current with Calendar Alarms and Mobile Push. Be automatically notified of tasks due. And when an email arrives, you can instantly receive a notification on your mobile device.

Supercharge your system with the Mashup API. Create your own third-party application, or integrate your website with Atmail. Use and display mail, contact, and calendar data with your web application or portal, fetched from your Atmail server.

With the latest version, you can also:

* Save emails automatically to Drafts
* Track emails with Read Receipts
* Translate Atmail completely
* Notify users with Bulk Mailing
* Manage users better with our improved Web Admin
* And never worry about logs with automatic purging

And as for what the future holds: what about a sneak peek? The next release introduces the Network Disk, which allows your users to upload, receive, and share files through the webmail interface. And there’s talk of social media somewhere on the horizon!

If you have an expired license, it may be time to upgrade. If you’re an existing Atmail customer, expect good things in the near future.


Andy Shellam -

The Twitter and Facebook will be fantastic! The Network Disk is also a useful feature to be able to offer to prospective customers and will bring Atmail more inline with Zimbra.

Congrats to Atmail for a great product.

Ben Duncan -

I’m looking forward to our developers releasing the Atmail cloud-storage/file tab, and switching to Atmail for my Twitter & FB use :-)

Kudos to the Atmail development teams latest efforts.