Atmail 6.5 – Online Storage

While we continue with regular incremental updates, continually improving the user experience of our online Webmail client and rolling out code optimisations to keep the Atmail server platform fast and secure, we are also working on some exciting new features that will change the way you use Atmail. In this release we take the covers… Read more »

Atmail 6.5 – Mobile UI

Today we announce the first release of Atmail Mobile UI – a new interface optimised for handheld devices (iPhone, iPod Touch & Android). Atmail has always integrated well with modern smartphones due to it’s use of open-standards, and set-up on iOS has been a breeze with iOS Provisioning but sometimes you don’t want to configure… Read more »

Preview: Atmail optimised for Mobile

While Atmail has always been accessible from a mobile in one shape or form it’s never looked this good! Launching soon is the Atmail Mobile Optimised skin purposed especially for small screens. As Atmail supports open-standards connecting to an Atmail Server has been possible using most mobile phone’s native email client connecting over IMAP/POP3 and… Read more »