Atmail Cloud – Now available

Atmail Cloud - Cloud email made easy
We are proud to introduce the Atmail Cloud – a fully mobile, fully capable, and fully complete messaging solution that’s easy to use, and even easier to manage.

Easy for your users.
Wow your users with a sleek, easy to use interface – filled to the brim with the latest technologies. Need CalDAV, CardDAV, or Groupware support? We’ve got it for you.

Easy for you.
Setting up your Atmail Cloud email is as easy as signing up. Our Setup Wizard will configure everything you’ll need to have your cloud email service up and running in zero time.

Easy for your pocket.
For as little as $79 per month, you can have a working solution that’s ready to use. Reduce maintenance costs and resell the Atmail Cloud to your customers.


Ben Duncan -

@Geert – In a new update to the Atmail Cloud, access the Webadmin > Branding section.

Here you can change the brand-name, logo, and optionally point a custom CNAME to replace in the URL.

Geert -

In this posts image the tagline talks about branding, how can I white-label this so my clients don’t know i am using atmail cloud?

Andrew -

Just FYI for anyone else planning to migrate existing IMAP mailboxes to AtMailCloud – I just successfully completed a migration using from the IMAPTools package at

Since I’m largely incompetent on a Linux command line, I pretty much followed the tutorial here:

The only outdated piece of info there is that the package has been updated, so in order to download it, you’ll need to change the URL that you direct wget to, so the correct command would be:

My only other hiccup was that trying to run the command on a local Ubuntu install kept timing out – but I had much better results running it on a Linode VPS. The largest mailbox I was migrating was about 500MB – and that took about 5 minutes running on the linode.

Anyway – just a bit of guidance for anyone else thinking about migrating before Atmail gets their migration tool in place.

Simone Fenoglio -

I am valuating it, integration with will be awesome like :

Attach file -> folder choose

Let’s see what it will turn out in the future

Chris Porosky -

Also, office365 includes a pretty good anti-spam for their $5 per user per month. Not sure if / what atmail includes for anti-spam or how effective it is? If not, then the value proposition is further weakened especially for windows shops.

albatroz -

$24/year/mailbox is an interesting price for a cool product that don´t have neither the 25GB capacity nor the Office suite and privacy objections of Google Apps, however I believe you could be more aggresive.

Bob Martens -

You can definitely setup your iPhone using ActiveSync. The automatic provisioning does not do that. Follow the instructions they have available within webmail and use your custom domain when you signed up for the server.

Tim -

Hi – a few questions:

1. Where’s your cloud infrastructure based (country and datacentre location)?

2. I suspect it may be in a Rackspace DC – if so, is it on their public cloud, or an Atmail owned private dedicated cloud?

3. Do you have any FAQs published on backup, DR, data protection and SLAs etc?

Thanks – looks interesting!

Kevin -

@Ben, thanks for the update. If I am specifically looking to move from Google Apps personally. I’m sure there are other IMAP providers that people would want to move from.

After playing around a little bit it doesn’t seem that the iPhone setup goes through ActiveSync. Is it possible to do this (or will it be), push mail and calendar would be appreciated.

Jordi Rodri -

Price is 2$/user for 5 users and for 500 users… so no disccount for resellers or partners?

Ben Duncan -

@Ed we have a single Atmail Cloud package which includes:

* 10GB storage
* Webmail
* Calendaring
* Groupware
* Mobile Sync
* ActiveSync

Your welcome to signup and see the pricing options in-app

Ben Duncan -

@Mike The Atmail Cloud is targeted as a premium service, at half the price of Google Apps this is an affordable alternative to resell and provide for SMB/enterprise customers.

Ben Duncan -

@Kevin: Yes, we are working on a live data migration feature in-app. Which provider will you be migrating from?

Ideally we want to simplify the migration of email (IMAP/POP3) and Calendar/Contacts via Google Apps to the Atmail Cloud.

Keep tuned

Mike -

Nice but I was hoping for much more competitive prices.

$24 annual fee for a single email account is too much.
If my customer comes to spending that money, probably trigger a Google Apps.

$5 annual fee is for me right price, with prices that range depending on the size of the mailboxwith (1GB $5… 5GB $10… etc.)